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Case study: Flood mitigation solutions to listed buildings

At UKFB, we understand the importance of property appearance and historical heritage, with this in mind we look to provide product solutions with little aesthetic impact. This ethos is carried forward into each scheme undertaken and with an increasing number of listed buildings at threat of flooding it is imperative that minimal alterations to a property remain.

In the UK there are over 374,000 listed buildings; all buildings built pre 1700’s and still exist in their original condition are classified as a listed building. Many of the properties built during the 1800’s are also classified. The term, listed building, means the property is placed on the Statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest and under strict regulations are not allowed to be demolished, extended or altered without permission from the local authority. All buildings on the list have protection against demolition and from any unsuitable alterations which would affect the character of the building. Any alterations that are made without prior permission could face criminal prosecution.

This procedure was put into place in order to manage and preserve the historic interest and exceptional architecture from centuries ago.

UKFB have worked on numerous PLP and individual property schemes that have involved listed buildings and have therefore developed the experience and knowledge of English Heritage strict stipulations. Our flood mitigation systems and products have been adapted specifically so that they can be installed to have minimal aesthetic impact on listed buildings and conservation areas.

A selection of Flood Angel® products meet those necessary requirements, these products include;

Door Defence: Flood Angel® Flood Defender™ Door

Image illustrating concealed Flood Defender™ Barrier fittings to a Grade II listed building. When the barrier is not in position protective tabs are put in place, the tabs are discreet and acceptable to English Heritage requirements


Image illustrating a bespoke Flood Defender™ Door Barrier fitted into place to a 15th century listed building using the ‘invisible fixing system’

 Lamberhurst case study

 Brick Defence: Flood Angel® Anti-Flood Airbrick


The Flood Angel® Double Anti-Flood Airbrick in bespoke black, installed behind the existing grill on a Grade II listed property

Tenbury Wells case study


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