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Don’t Leave Your Flood Protection Unprotected


Like any product which forms part of a building, be it your washing machine or even the roof of your property, these all require a certain degree of maintenance. Surely when it comes to something that will provide essential protection to your business or home in a dangerous situation, scheduling regular checks and maintenance is crucial?

Your smoke alarms can give you that essential alert to check their operation every time the batteries are running low, but flood mitigation solutions are unable to prompt us in this way. It solely relies on the owner to ensure they are stored and in correct working order, should they be required.

Hopefully your reactive flood defences are products which can remain out of sight for the majority of their lifetime, with no need for deployment. With this in mind it can make it easy to perhaps forget about these solutions as they gather dust in the back of your garage, shed or storage unit. What it is essential to remember is that your investment in these products includes an investment of time into storing and checking them on a regular basis.

Here at UKFB we do not underestimate the importance of thorough maintenance guidance. Flood defence products require regular maintenance and correct storage when not in use and we ensure our customers know this.  It is essential that users are familiar with how to deploy their products efficiently and correctly ahead of a flood event, to ensure effective optimum flood mitigation at times of flood warnings. 

As a business, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible protection and on-going support to properties.  We emphasise the importance of customer support and training at the completion of every installation. Our printed booklet “Home Owners Flood Defence User Guide” acts as a reference point and warranty, for all products installed at that property, identifying their location, giving user advice for maintenance, cleaning and general care of the installed products.

We also have our own annual maintenance agreement that we can offer to our customers which will ensure your products are functioning correctly and have been checked by an individual fully trained in product installation, maintenance and aftercare.

Contact us to find out more about our maintenance solutions.

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