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Fact File – The damaging effects of sewer flooding to your property


“Government statistics put the value of assets under risk from sewer flooding at £270m” (, 2010)

Sewer flooding often occurs from extreme heavy rainfall. Our changing climate has resulted in more frequent and unexpected localised flooding across the UK, leading to some drainage networks unable to cope with these high levels of rain water. With vital infrastructures frequently under constant demand, this has resulted in water having nowhere to drain pushing waste back up through the pipes into properties.

Flood water on its own can be extremely dangerous, carrying infectious organisms and bacteria such as E.coli, Salmonella and Hepatitis A. Sewage flood water contains all of the above plus further risk of infections due to faecal exposure.  

 The results of sewage flooding can be devastating, furniture is often irreparable and restoration costs are high due to the sanitising that has to be done. Emotionally, the experience can cause stress and strain on the victims, with long periods away from their property.

While flooding of any sort is upsetting, steps can be taken to prevent sewage entering your property. UKFB have a dedicated range of sewage defence products specifically designed for this purpose, our ‘non-return’ products refer to the concept of water only able to travel one way, providing a barrier stopping any water returning up the pipe.

The Flood Angel® 160mm/110mm Non-Return Valve and 50mm Backwater Valve use this method. The larger of the two, the Non-Return Valve, is an adaptable product designed to be installed underground, while the Backwater Valve is designed for household use, fitting to dishwasher/washing machine pipe work.

A Flood Angel® Toilet Bung is also available and should only be used when in a flood situation, inflated and positioned into the bowl of the basin, the toilet bung will provide a suction allowing no waste or water to pass through.

These simple and effective methods of protection against the unthinkable damage raw sewage can cause, are a small investment against what could be a costly clean-up. 

Click here to watch a short animation video of sewer flooding from the EA;

To find out more about this range of products visit out designated product pages or contact us.

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