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Flood Angel® Flood Defender™ Barrier FAQ’s

The Flood Angel® Flood Defender™ Barrier is one of our most popular door defence products. Manufactured bespoke and requiring trained professional survey and installation, this key product often generates similar queries from our customers.

The UKFB customer service team have provided us with the most commonly asked questions they receive from our customers about this bespoke product.

Take a look at the below FAQs on the Flood Angel® Flood Defender™ Barrier  and contact us  for further information, or to book your flood mitigation survey.

How does the Flood Defender™ Barrier fix to the door/brickwork?
There are 6 different fixing systems available for the Flood Angel® Flood Defender™ Barrier. During the survey, the BPEC certified surveyor will identify which of the fixing systems will be most appropriate for your property.

The 6 different barrier fixing systems are listed below:

Type A – Wall mounted barrier
Type B – Nutsert into UPVC
Type C – Nutsert into wood frame
Type D – Barrier into vertical rails
Type E – Barrier into U shaped frame
Type F -- Nutsert into brick

To view examples of the different fixing systems available please view our case studies

Has the Flood Defender™ Barrier passed the Kitemark test?
The Flood Angel® Flood Defender™ is a Kitemark licensed product (KM563624) and has passed the rigorous testing criteria of the most recent BSI Kitemark certificate PAS 1188-1:2009. The barrier was tested to the maximum width and a maximum water height of 900mm.

Why do I need a survey to order a Flood Defender™ Barrier?
The Flood Angel® Flood Defender™ Barrier is bespoke and made to measure for individual openings, with six different fixing options available. A survey is required to identify the correct barrier measurements and most suitable fixing options for your property.

Is there a cost for the survey?
We do make a nominal charge for our survey however, 50% of this cost is refundable against a subsequent order for the installation of Flood Angel® products.

Do you accept supply-only orders for a Flood Defender™ Barrier?
No, all barriers must be fitted by a fully trained and certified BPEC installer. As the Flood Angel® Flood Defender™ Barrier is a bespoke product with a range of fixing systems it requires both survey and installation to be completed by an individual/organisation with the BPEC certification for the survey and installation of flood mitigation systems.

What is the lead time for installation of the barrier?
Due to the bespoke nature of the Flood Defender™ Barrier, we require a 60% deposit to be paid before an order can be put through to manufacture. When we have received payment we will schedule a date for installation, this is typically 3-4 weeks.

We aim to provide quick and easy answers to all of your product queries. We have now created a dedicated detailed FAQ section to give you the answers to all of our common queries.

 Contact us for further information, or to book your flood mitigation survey.

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