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Flood Angel® Solutions for your business


With businesses in mind, UKFB have expanded the Flood Angel® range of products specifically for commercial premises. Along with our revolutionary passive flood defence system, there is a suite of flood mitigation products available to suit your requirements.

Did you know flash flooding accounts for 70% of all insurance claims?

The above visual was designed to identify to our customers the extensive suite of products available for commercial use. As you can see, there are many points of possible water ingress which can easily be protected by installing the Flood Angel® product range. Click here to visit this page on the website to learn more.

Always looking to innovate new product ideas, the Flood Angel® Steel Security and Flood Door is the newest addition to the door defence range. Specifically designed for commercial use, offering protection against flood and unauthorised entry, this product is a versatile choice for your facilities.

Our revolutionary passive flood defence system, part of the self closing flood barrier range, is shown here protecting an underground car park. Designed to provide protection on a larger scale, the passive flood defence system allows a round the clock, passive solution – a perfect product of choice for unmanned locations.

Passive:  Once these products are installed there is nothing further for you to do other than to periodically inspect them after use to ensure that they remain fully functional

The quality of our products remains at the forefront at UKFB and, where possible, we ensure solutions in the Flood Angel® range carry the BSI Kitemark licence.

Flooding to commercial buildings can be a costly time, leading to closure for weeks and possibly even months resulting in a dramatic loss in revenue.  With statistics showing that your business is more likely to flood than burn down, wouldn’t flood defence be at the top of your agenda?

A comprehensive suite of solutions designed to work together to protect your business.

If your building is at risk of flooding, contact UKFB for a full flood mitigation survey where we can identify the best solutions to install

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