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Increased flood risk this Winter – has this crossed your mind?


By November last year the average rainfall for 2012 had been 1,202mm, placing it 13th in the list of wettest years. Just 31 days later and 2012 made the headlines as the wettest year on record, with total costs to the UK economy approaching £600million.

Have you considered how your assets would be protected from flooding this winter?

Persistent rainfall in the second half of October resulted in the ground becoming extremely wet, increasing the chance of flooding. In light of this the Environment Agency released a warning to homes and business in November, that river, sea, and also surface water flooding, could severely affect communities this winter.

More recently, earlier this month, a number of communities suffered the devastating consequences of the UK’s most serious tidal surge in over sixty years. Record sea levels resulted in around 1,400 properties being affected by flood waters.

Although late autumn and early winter are typically the stormier and wetter times of the year, both rain and floods over Christmas have been as common as snowfall in more recent years. In both 2002 and 2008 there were floods over the festive period.

Last year is a situation that both homeowners and business owners do not want repeated. Thousands of people were affected in 2012, with almost 2000 properties subjected to flooding in November alone. Over six days in the festive period more than 18,000 calls were made to the Environment Agency's Floodline service for help and advice. In late December the EA issued over 115,000 warnings to people at risk of flooding.

There were, however, stories of good news, as flood defences successfully protected more than 21,600 properties across England and Wales last December.

This winter, more than ever, UK Flood Barriers urge both homeowners and business owners to consider their flood risk. The unfortunate scenes of last Christmas could return and there is a possibility that flooding could affect communities once again at this important time of year.

Flood mitigation solutions are simple, cost effective and long-term. Our approach is holistic and our product range looks at protecting all potential points of water ingress alongside larger scale community methods of protection.

Minimising your flood risk this winter does not have to be complicated, with a choice of replacement UPVC doors orbarriers, as well as associated products such as the Anti-flood Airbrick and Non-Return Valves.

Talk to one of our sales team today to discuss how your assets could be protected against flooding.

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