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New Adaptable Protection for Sewage Backflow


The new Flood Angel® 160mm/110mm Non-Return Valve is the UK’s only adaptable non-return valve that gives the benefit of passive protection with an integral self-activating flap powered only by flood water.

Developed in response to calls for an adaptable product that would provide long term cost benefits this new product now provides the ideal solution. Designed with adaptability in mind and ease of use, the Flood Angel® 160mm/110mm Non-Return Valve comes with flexible collars as standard to adjust the product as required.

Under normal operating conditions the Flood Angel® 160mm/110mm Non-Return Valve is fully open allowing solids to flow freely and unrestricted through the valve. In flood conditions when water surges back through the drainage system the gate is automatically deployed by the hydraulic pressure of the water. The gate is sealed against a neoprene gasket and this prevents sewage backflow past the gate.

A fluorescent lid only adds to the simplicity of ensuring this product is working correctly and carrying out simple maintenance checks. Inspection is made easy with a fully rod-able system and a clear inspection lid.

Sewage backflow can cause untold damage resulting in long term consequences and high clean up expenses. This can be prevented using this simple yet effective product which will provide long term real cost benefits. Acting as part of a comprehensive flood mitigation scheme this new addition to our Flood Angel® range will provide the ideal solution to protect against sewage backflow at both main drain and branch.

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