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New Flood Angel® Anti –Flood Airbrick Model


The Research and Development team at UK Flood Barriers are always looking at new ideas and ways to improve products in the Flood Angel® range. We work hard to offer bespoke solutions to suit customer's requirements and therefore like to create working models of the product range to showcase our innovations where possible.

The worlds first kitemarked Flood Angel® Anti-Flood Airbrick is the only BSI Kitemark accredited airbrick in the world and is designed to replace a standard airbrick. The product encompasses a self-activating flap that rises when flood water enters. Powered by flood water, the flap lifts preventing anything from passing through into the foundations of the property.

The new Flood Angel® Anti-Flood Airbrick model has joined our testing facilities at UKFB to demonstrate exactly how the product works.  The model is able to create a flash flood situation, filling with water at both a high and low pressure in order to activate the flap, highlighting no water passing through to the other side. The glass casing allows a full view inside the airbrick to witness precisely how it works.

The new model is a fantastic addition to UKFB that allows us to showcase the airbrick at exhibitions and to customers to emphasise how necessary the simple yet extremely effective Flood Angel® Anti-Flood Airbrick is to any home or property to protect against flooding.

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