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Preparing your property for a flood…


1 in 6 homes in England and Wales are at risk of flooding according to the Environment Agency. There are a number of ways you can prepare your home and business for flooding – that don’t just include flood mitigation measures.

We take a look at what you can do to minimise your flood risk and prepare for flooding. Read on for our recommended steps you can put into action today…

Know your flood risk


1. Visit the Environment Agency website to check your flood risk
The Environment Agency have an online feature that allows you to input your postcode to analyse the flood risk in your area; Low, Moderate, Significant. 

click here for more details

2. Register your details to receive up to date flood warnings
The Environment Agency offers a Floodline Warnings Direct service. By registering your details this service will you notify by phone, email or text of any flood alerts in your area. To register for this service, click here

You can now also sign up to receive Twitter Alerts from the Environment Agency’s twitter account @EnvAgency. These alerts will provide critical information about flooding. Find out more here;

3. Make a flood plan
When flooding is imminent, preparation is key. Making a flood plan is a good way to ensure everyone in your property is aware of what to do. Where possible, it is also encouraged to work together with your community to make a flood plan. The EA advises to make a checklist and keep a list of contacts to hand. Follow this link to make your flood plan now

4. Prepare a flood kit
While it is important to make a flood plan it is equally important to prepare a flood kit. Should your property be affected by flood waters a flood kit will prove to be essential, the EA recommend a change of warm clothes, a torch, a supply of water and food and a mobile phone if possible. For more details on what to do during a flood, click here

5. Flood protection products
Flooding is the UK’s biggest natural disaster (AXA,2012), with this in mind solutions to protect your property from flooding are available. UK Flood Barriers work closely with the Environment Agency and offer an extensive range of flood defence solutions to help protect homes and businesses against all possible points of water ingress. The Flood Angel® product suite is split into four categories; door defence, brick defence, sewage defence and associated products. Visit the product pages for more details.


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