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Product development highlight – How Flood Angel® Anti-Flood Airbrick was developed for a cellar hatc

Since 2007 UK Flood Barriers have installed flood mitigation solutions to hundreds of properties up and down the country. Each Property Level Protection (PLP) scheme has been different, with many requiring bespoke solutions to meet the customers’ needs. UKFB have an onsite Research and Development team with an extensive library of knowledge to call upon in these ever increasing situations.

A scheme undertaken in Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire is just one example of how the design of the worlds first kitemarked Flood Angel® Anti-Flood Airbrick was adapted to meet the flood protection needs of a local pub. Tenbury Wells is previously known for flooding, the River Teme that runs through the small town has repeatedly burst its banks causing severe surface water flooding to enter and damage many homes and local businesses. Click to read case study

Before work can start on any installation UKFB conduct a flood mitigation survey to the property concerned, it is at this point that bespoke requirements are identified and the R&D team are put to work to create and design solutions using the Flood Angel® product range.

For this particular PLP scheme a flood mitigation solution was necessary to protect flood water from entering a cellar hatch at a local pub. After some research a concept was put together in CAD to create a 2D and 3D visual that could be presented to the client. The solution incorporated an aluminium box that could house two Flood Angel® Anti-Flood Airbricks, this would continue to allow essential airflow into the cellar whilst the integral automatic flood gate inside the airbrick would only activate as necessary in flood conditions. The box was designed with a lip to act as a fixing point to support the structure and a sloped side to drive the water to the bottom. A blade valve was also attached to drain the flood water away.


CAD drawings showing the front and the inside of the solution as described above

Once the design element was complete it was pitched to the customer and with their approval was put into manufacture. The solution was then tested at UKFB’s tank testing facility before being installed.

 The solution installed with airbricks in position


The solution has been manufactured and tested ready to install


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