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Protecting your business over the Christmas break


At a time when most businesses close for the festive break we are asking business owners to consider what actions they have taken to protect their assets from potential flooding this Christmas.

UKFB take a look back at the effect 2012 flooding had on businesses:

  • The overall financial cost to businesses was up to £200m.
  • Total commercial property and contents damage totalled £84m.
  • Further impacts, including staff working days lost  cost companies and local economies up to £33m.
  • Every business affected by 2012 flooding was setback an average £60,000.
  • A recent survey by the Federation of Small Businesses found that 1 in 5 members reported flooding had impacted negatively on their company over the past 12 months. (

Unfortunately 80% of businesses that suffer a major flood cease trading within 18 months, whilst 45% have only rough plans or no plans at all for how to deal with the effects of flood or storm damage

The reality is that in England and Wales, 175,000 businesses are currently at risk of flooding. But there are simple steps that can be taken today to ensure your business is protected. Flood mitigation solutions are adaptable, simple, cost effective and long-term. A great example of this is a recent project we completed for the headquarters of housing provider ISOS.

Passive flood mitigation solutions operate using the power of the water itself, requiring no human or electrical intervention, offering 24/7 protection. From passive measures for airbricks, drains and doorways, to even a main car park entrance, these solutions can save your business from the long term financial repercussions flooding can cause.

The Flood Angel® range looks at protection for all potential points of water ingress and includes methods of brick, sewage and door defence alongside larger scale community methods of protection.

Talk to one of our sales team today to discuss how your assets could be protected against flooding. Minimising your away your flood risk this winter does not have to be complicated, with a choice of replacement UPVC doors orbarriers, as well as associated products such as the Anti-flood Airbrick andNon-Return Valves.

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