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Showcasing UKFB’s revolutionary first generation passive flood barrier model

UKFB have invested in a series of models to house at our tank testing facilities to demonstrate the working method of our most popular products. The passive flood defence system has been adapted and downsized for us to have a bite size version of this community level defence product in-house for all to see in action!

The passive flood defence system is a fully bespoke, passive solution that is situated underground when not in use.  This award winning product has been used on numerous projects around the world protecting vital infrastructures and communities from flooding.

UKFB have invested in two passive flood defence system models to help demonstrate exactly how the barrier operates.

This miniature replica allows us to demonstrate on a small scale the working principal of the barrier.  Its glass casing enables customers to see how the components inside work to raise the barrier. Using water the passive flood defence system deploys and then goes down showing the power of the water.


The model showing the passive flood defence system in resting position as it would appear in the ground


 Water entering the filling put and the passive flood defence system starting to rise

Our second passive flood defence system model is on a much larger scale, this is to give a realistic example of the size and strength of the solution. Using the same principal, water enters the filling pit to show the barrier in the deployed position.


Like a real passive flood defence system, the model shows the components working in action


This shows how the product would sit underground, the posts either side guide the barrier up into position

Both models are an essential feature in our tank testing facility. At UKFB we have invested time and research into providing a destination where individuals can see our products in action working with the power of the water.

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