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The importance of sanitising after a flood


Do you know exactly how dirty and infectious flood water can be? The safe restoration of any flooded property is imperative, UKFB offer a solution to combat sanitation safely and effectively.

If you have been victim to flooding, staying safe should be first on your agenda. It is important to keep in mind that untreated flood waters can be harmful, and so, protective clothing should be worn if exposed to flood waters. An alarming amount of people do not know exactly how dangerous flood water can be. With the potential to carry harmful organisms and bacteria, flood water can cause a number of unwanted ailments.

It is at the point when flooding has subsided that sanitisation to affected areas should be carried out.

UKFB offer a simple yet powerful solution to effectively destroy harmful bacteria in flood waters. Mixed into a concentrated disinfectant,  Flood Angel® Sanitisersolution works on all contaminated areas allowing safe restoration to your home. Suitable for brickwork, plaster, timber joints, fixtures and fittings, Flood Angel® Sanitiser can be sprayed on to any surface and left to cleanse the affected areas.


It is important all properties affected by flooding are properly cleaned. Using our quick and simple solution will allow you to safely and effectively clean, eliminating the risk of catching unwelcome infections and illnesses.

Visit the Environment Agency’s website for more information on how to keep safe during a flood

Flooding is not going to disappear anytime soon, however there are steps you can take to prepare. UKFB offer a comprehensive range of flood mitigation solutions to help protect your property.

Call us to arrange a survey to find the best solutions for you.

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