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UKFB Highlights – Passive Flood Defence Barrier - Mini and Midi


Specialists in bespoke solutions and adaptability, UK Flood Barriers have developed two scaled down versions of our revolutionary passive flood defence system, the Mini and Midi. Intended to help mitigate flooding from a domestic, urban and commercial aspect, the  passive flood defence system Mini and Midi (0.6m and 1.2m) are fast becoming a popular product with customers looking to find an effective, passive flood defence system.

UKFB have the specialist knowledge and experience of flood defence systems after 7 years in the thick of the industry. In 2010, having worked on numerous projects up and down the country a gap in the market soon became apparent. The research and development team quickly identified that our current passive flood defence system could be adapted to improve domestic flood protection.  The working principal remained the same but a new scaled down version, developed to mitigate flooding from smaller openings of 1m and 2.5m wide, would provide intelligent passive protection on a smaller scale.

Measuring at 0.6m and 1.2m high, the passive flood defence system Mini and Midi provide a long term, virtually maintenance free, passive solution. With over 20 installations since their launch two years ago, these impressive features are what is now making the passive flood defence system Mini and Midi a flood defence system of choice for home and business owners.

When not in use the system remains unnoticedunderground, it is only when the Midi is activated that the barrier will raise above ground. Pictured below shows  the passive flood defence system Midi in a raised and resting position, this is another huge advantage for the products.


This system is known as ‘passive technology’, a term that is becoming well known across the country with people beginning to embrace this method for their flood defence systems.

This cost effective solution is also suitable to use for Listed Buildings. According to strict stipulations no alterations or aesthetic changes are to be made to a Listed Building, because the passive flood defence system Mini and Midi are installed underground our design and build team are able to adapt the product as required, so we are within these guidelines.

An example of this is a recent installation we completed to a cottage in St Newlyn East, Cornwall. The idyllic Grade II Listed property had previously been victim to devastating floods, the solution was to install two passive flood defence system Midi’s in order to protect the cottage from the front and back entrance. Installed underground this meant no aesthetic changes were made to this beautiful  Listed property.  Click to read case study.

UKFB are due to start a project in Ledbury later next month, to provide and install passive flood mitigation to the local Rugby Club. After a survey it was decided the best measures to use would be a selection of Flood Angel® products alongside a number of passive flood defence system's. This specific project and its flood defence requirements has now led our team to develop the new passive flood defence system Midi but for 900mm.

Noman Farooqui, UKFB’s CAD and Design Engineer commented; ‘The new 900mm version will offer an alternative, cost effective solution to customers that require a size in between the range we currently offer, 600mm and 1200mm’

This is another example of how UKFB are structured to adapt and develop products for the purpose of customer requirements; we are always on hand to provide the best, most cost effective solution possible.  

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