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UKFB Presents: Flood Angel® Survey and installation video

To highlight our unique survey and installation service we created a short film showing the team on location. Filmed onsite, the video captures each aspect of installation and is an essential tool for a better understanding of the whole survey and installation process for flood mitigation measures.

UKFB created this insightful video in order to share our knowledge and expertise with homeowners and also to showcase our skills to those organisations who would like to become BPEC accredited to offer this survey and installation service in their local area.

The film goes through a real account of surveying and installing a selection of the Flood Angel® range, this includes the installation of an Anti-Flood Airbrick a Non-Return Valve and a bespoke Flood Defender™ Barrier.

Beginning with a brief introduction to the Flood Angel® range the video explains the importance of the BSI Kitemark accreditation and show detailed shots of the installation process for each product.


Stills from the film showing the Non-Return valve installation process and prepping to position an Anti-Flood Airbrick

A unique aspect of our service captured on film is wet testing, this is a concept pioneered by UKFB to show the effectiveness of the Flood Angel® Flood Defender™ Barrier once fitted into position. A temporary bund wall is constructed in order to test and a hose is used to fill the area with water. By wet testing the product we are able to give the customer a visual guarantee that the barrier will mitigate against flood water entering their home. Additonal charges may apply for wet testing.


Image showing sandbags constructed to make a temporary bund wall in order to wet test the barrier

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