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UKFB presents our Tank Testing Facility!


UKFB have invested time and money into research and development with the aim of providing the most innovative, reliable solutions on the market. Home to our very own tank testing facility, we are able to test products at every stage of development.

UK Flood are home to our own BSI approved test facility, designed to replicate a typical lounge area and bathroom, the tank testing rig is an excellent visual addition to UKFB’s headquarters! Created to hold 85 litres of water, the tank has been used to certify nine BSI Kitemark licenses to the Flood Angel® range. Read more about our BSI licensed products!

This fantastic facility is largely used during our new product development. Having the ability to test our innovations at such an early stage of development is a huge advantage for us at UKFB. The research and development team can water test prototypes and quickly continue with any amends or changes. To have this capability available on tap is priceless, the team are able to let their creative juices flow with instantaneous results and the time taken from design to manufacture is reduced significantly. Visit our dedicated research and development page.


The tank being filled with water ready for a demonstration 

UK Flood Barriers also use the tank testing facilities to demonstrate how the Flood Angel® product range works. The tank represents the wet area and the built up house replica represents the dry area enabling us to use as a great visual tool in showing the effectiveness of the different solutions at work. We often have requests from schools, Universities and local Councils to come in to see the tank at work. At UKFB we believe demonstration is key to see how our products are designed to work and so we welcome the opportunity whenever it arises.

We also offer our testing facility to other companies looking to Kitemark test their own products. UKFB actively support product innovation and are happy to offer our approved BSI testing centre at a competitive price. Contact us to find out more. 

At UKFB we all understand the devastating consequences flooding can cause, with years of experience in the flood defence sector we are committed to share this knowledge and solutions with the public. To find out more about our suite of products register for our regular email campaign or contact us

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