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UKFB showcase our BSI Kitemark licenced products!

UKFB are passionate about providing only the best flood mitigation solutions to our customers. To help support this we endeavour to hold reputable certification against our products to guarantee trust and quality where possible.

At UK Flood Barriers we are committed to providing innovative flood mitigation solutions and aim to only manufacture products that carry the BSI Kitemark certification.  This is to demonstrate to the market that our products are certified to a trusted mark and adhere to quality principals. We are in the unique position as an approved BSI testing facility that are able to conduct Kitemark assessments on each of the products from the Flood Angel® range.

UKFB’s Managing Director, Sarah Marriott commented; ‘Our vision is to grow into the world’s leading provider of flood defence solutions by focusing on innovation and new product development. Certification of our products and management systems plays a hugely important role in achieving new business as it gives our customers confidence in our business and our products a stamp of credibility.’

What is the BSI Kitemark PAS1188 certification?

A BSI Kitemark PAS1188 certification is a registered certificate widely recognised by the Environment Agency and local authorities for quality, safety and true value to consumers.

We are proud to hold 9 BSI Kitemark PAS1188 licenses, these products include;

  • Flood Angel® Anti-Flood Airbrick
  • Flood Angel® Anti-Flood Airbrick Cover
  • Flood Angel® Flood Defender™ Barrier Single
  • Flood Angel® Flood Defender™ Barrier Double
  • Flood Angel® Flood Defender Door, holds three kitemarks
  • Flood Angel® Steel Security and Flood Door


The above products have been tested to rigorous standards of BSI and PAS118. Our unique tank testing rig has been developed to withstand 85 litres of water enabling us to perform flood simulated conditions needed for testing.

The testing comprises of two cycles:

  1. Three static water tests at three heights for one hour and two static water tests at the maximum designated water height of either 600mm or 900mm for 18 hours
  2. Two wave tests for ½ hour and two 48 hour static water test at the maximum designated water height of either 600mm or 900mm.

During this testing process any leakage is recorded. The Flood Angel® product range passed with minimal leakage!


These images show the tank at work testing our Flood Angel® Flood Defender™ Barrier

 ‘BSI has a very strong, global reputation as a quality provider of recognised industry marks. It was this, coupled with the professionalism and can-do approach that led us to choose BSI as our certification body. The benefits of a Kitemark are immeasurable; we can now fully comply with industry standards in our sector.’ Sarah Marriott, MD

Our in-house tank testing facility remains a crucial part of our innovation and commitment to the flood defence sector. It gives the Research and Development team the freedom to be creative whilst also providing a practical element. 

The Kitemark has given UK Flood Barriers the ability to enter local authorities and Environment Agency tenders which in turn has resulted in UKFB being selected for the EA’s 4 year framework for the installation of PLP (Property Level Protection).

At UKFB, we are the only company in the UK to obtain nine BSI Kitemark licenses for products tested in our own facilities. This is a huge achievement for us and our aim for the future is to continue innovating flood mitigation solutions that hold this prestigious, globally recognised symbol.

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