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VIDEO: How Flood Angel® Products Work


With an extensive product range, using different methods to mitigate against flooding, we needed a simple way to show the working dynamics of each product. Read on to find out more about our suite of product videos…

Specialising in brick, sewage, door defence and associated products, UKFB offer a holistic range of solutions designed to work together to help mitigate flooding from your property. Through experience, UKFB have found that the best way to explain how our Flood Angel® range can benefit property owners is to show them. With this in mind, a series of animated films have been put together to clearly demonstrate how each product operates to work to mitigate against flooding.

Each video takes you through a virtual application of the product working. A great tool to explain the concept of passive – when the power of the water activates the product to mitigate against flooding.

This image taken from the Flood Angel®  Anti-Flood Airbrick video, shows this passive product in action.  You can see the flap rising with the power of the water, preventing any water from getting through. 



Our range of videos also highlight our associated product range. Here we can see a still from our Flood Angel® Waterstop video, where the product is being applied to brickwork to form a protective waterproof seal.


By having these simple, yet extremely effective videos, we are able to quickly show how important and effective the Flood Angel® range of solutions are to any property at risk of flooding.

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