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Different strokes for different folks…


With ‘flood season’ in full swing, we take a look at some interesting and extreme lengths property owners have gone to protect their homes and businesses from flooding:

The Floating house

Specialist design architects came up with the floating house concept after designing a home on a flood plain. Situated along the River Thames, the risk of flooding is probable so it was clear from the outset that a flood defence method was necessary.

The home has been designed to have the capability to float up to 9ft if required. Built inside a concrete dock, the home is constructed with light weight timber enabling it to rise once water enters the dock with the building rising along with the water levels.

This creative development costs around 20 per cent more than building a conventional similar-sized home.

Mini islands

Our neighbours across the pond, the US, have come up with an alternative approach to fighting off the floods. Residents in Mississippi rallied together and built ‘mini islands’ to protect their homes from flooding.

Although not 100% affective, it is admirable to see communities working together to prepare against the inevitable. 

There is no end of ways to protect against the threat of flooding, and whilst some flood protection methods are more successful than others, it is important to know that there are plenty of simple and cost effective solutions available.

UKFB design, manufacture and install a wide range of kitemark flood defence solutions. Working together with the property owner, we have the knowledge and experience to offer bespoke solutions to cater for exact requirements.


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