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Everyone is at risk…

News released this week states ‘Millions are unaware of flood risk to their homes’,

The bad news is everyone is at risk from flooding, the good news is there are measures that can be used to mitigate the risk.

At UKFB, we see the devastation caused by flooding on a daily basis and too often we hear ‘I didn’t think our property was at risk’, unfortunately as The Independent article demonstrates, this is not the case. The graphic below details all possible points of water ingress to a property including flooding via airbricks and sewage systems.


UKFB considers all points of water ingress and have created solutions to minimise the risk across affected areas. Looking at the holistic approach, UKFB offers a suite of solutions designed specifically to work together to mitigate the risk of flooding.

Whether you live on a hill or in a listed cottage, everyone is at risk and should be flood aware.

To check your flood risk visit the Environment Agency;

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