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Flood mitigation: Quick solutions Vs. Long term investment

For many of those who found themselves at risk or affected by flooding this winter, flood defence solutions that can provide immediate results has been their first port of call. Whilst these products do provide the ideal quick fix, there are simple further actions you can take which will provide long-term, bespoke and comprehensive solutions to mitigate your flood risk.

With flooding events only predicted to increase, we are now calling on both property and business owners to consider investing in those solutions that will provide long term protection for their most important assets.

Long term solutions provide sustainable and durable results. These products are cost effective as they are designed and installed to work efficiently for many years with regular maintenance and correct storage.

A solution that requires your investment also needs to deliver results. The Flood Angel® product range is tested and where the accreditation exists, accredited to BSI Kitemark standards. This results in products which are proven in a flood situation.

Have you considered the following?

  • A Flood Angel® Anti-flood Airbrick Cover provides the ideal solution if you are at your property ready to deploy the product. However, for less than £25.00* you may wish to consider permanently replacing your airbricks with the Flood Angel® Anti-flood Airbrick. Easy to install, this long term solution works passively without human intervention and is always on site to prevent flood water entering through this too often missed point of water ingress.
  • The Flood Angel® 160/110mm Non-Return Valve offers permanent passive protection against the backflow of sewage in a flood situation. Available to purchase for less than £100.00* this solution can be easily fitted by a plumber or drainage professional and is simple to maintain.
  • The Flood Angel® Flood Defender™ Barrier is made bespoke for your doorways following a detailed survey, it is then specified with the correct fixing system from seven different options, installed by a BPEC certified individual, tested on site and carries the BSI kitemark accreditation.

*All prices are excl. VAT and delivery

Talk to a member of our team now to discuss your flood mitigation requirements for today and for the future. It is not difficult or timely to ensure your property is protected with a range of flood defence solutions from UKFB.

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