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Is a baby boom to blame for flooding in the UK?

New research published in the journal Hydrological Sciences, suggests a growth in population could be a contributing factor to increased flooding rather than climate change! Although not discounting climate change completely, Derek Clarke, lead author of the study comments; "We have categorically not ruled out a link between climate change and flooding, we just can't demonstrate that there is a link.”

This interesting article takes a different angle on explaining why the UK is battered by floods on a regular basis. Looking at data from the 18th Century to now, is it clear flooding has increased peaking in 2012, recorded as the wettest year on record. This data also sits in line with population trends – a growth from 38.2 million to 59.1 million.


Keeping up with the population, the number of houses built tripled from 7.7 million to 24.8 million. These stats go a long way in providing some evidence that an increase in population and infrastructure has contributed to flooding in one way or another. BUT, whatever the reason, the facts remain the same. Flooding will continue, everyone is at risk and everyone should prepare.

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