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Is your property prepared for the ‘Great British Weather?’

If the last decade has taught us anything, it is to expect the unexpected where the weather is concerned over the last 10 years. The UK has seen heavy rain and flooding affect thousands of property owners every month of the year meaning no season is safe!

Last winter alone was particularly bad for towns in Somerset, Surrey, Gloucester and the Thames Valley to name a few, with residents left homeless over the Christmas period due to flooding. It was following this the Government issued the Repair & Renew Grant, giving properties affected the opportunity to prepare should the worst happen again.

UKFB is continuously campaigning for flood defence to be seriously considered on a property level, particularly in new builds. Statistics after all show that a property is more likely to be damaged by flood water than fire – it goes without saying a fire alarm should be installed to a property, the same should be said for flood defences.


These graphics illustrate all possible points water can enter your home or business. UKFB has developed solutions to mitigate the risk at every point. From Flood Defender Doors, to Sumps & Pumps and Airbricks, we work to cover all bases.

With the nights closing in, it is a sure sign Autumn is approaching, the question is – are you prepared for the unpredictable British weather?

Contact UKFB today with your flood defence queries or visit to find your local flood mitigation survey and installer.

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