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We’re going to need a bigger boat….or flood defences


The truth is, natural disasters are taking place five times as often as they were 40 years ago due to the increasing effects of climate change. Statistics published in The Guardian last month show that 80% of the 3439 disasters of the last decade were due to flooding and storms, taking a big bite out of the economy.

The average annual bill to the UK’s economy is more than £1.4bn – a staggering amount when the risk of damage to properties and infrastructures can be dramatically reduced with passive solutions.

While parts of the world are taking steps to limit the effects of climate change, adopting necessary precautions to mitigate the risk of flood damage to properties has to be a priority.

UKFB has an extensive portfolio of projects around the UK where passive flood defence solutions have been installed. Boasting the UK’s only private BSI Kitemark onsite testing centre and a bank of knowledge and innovative ideas, we have developed a suite of passive solutions to protect homes, businesses and communities.

As flood experts we recognise the ongoing threat of climate change, and whilst steps are being taken to limit the risk, the bigger long term picture has to be considered. For more information on UKFB’s passive solutions, click here.


115m Self Activating Flood Barrier installed to protect a community situated along the River Cocker in Cockermouth, Cumbria. Housed underground, this passive system will rise once activated by the flood water itself creating a barrier between the floods and the properties.

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