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Why we are Pro Passive…

RIP - The Sandbag

What was once considered a cheap, quick fix option is no longer considered a practical or effective solution for keeping flood water out of properties. As well as being inefficient, contaminated sandbags also harbour millions of harmful bacteria meaning it is only safe to use them once. The sandbag is at last slowly being overtaken by other proven flood mitigation products.

Demountable flood systems – costly & time consuming

Demountable flood defence systems are often the most practical option for small scale property level protection but time consuming when acting to protect a community. Often stored offsite and requiring manual deployment, demountable systems require money and manpower to operate.

Passive - No human intervention required

UKFB have recognised the need for efficiency and have developed a range of passive flood defence solutions to resolve the issues that come with sandbags & demountable systems. Using the problem to work as the solution, the product suite requires no human intervention using the flood water itself to activate.


With reports claiming flooding is only set to get worse, it is more important than ever to adopt passive technology to mitigate the risk of flooding on a permanent basis to homes & businesses. For more information on our passive range of products, contact us now.

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