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Climate Change – Cause of Flooding?


A major rainstorm in Alexandria, Egypt’s second-largest city, meant almost 10 inches of rain fell on the area in just two days; five times the amount of rain the city normally experiences in the whole of October.

Although Alexandria’s fragile infrastructure and drainage systems likely intensified the flooding, many have pointed to climate change as the major culprit.


Inches of rain fell on Alexandria, Egypt, in two days.

The World Bank has listed Alexandria, along with Barranquilla, Colombia; Naples, Italy; Sapporo, Japan; and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, as the five cities most at risk of flooding due to climate change by 2050.

Large-scale floods, which used to occur once every 100 years, are becoming more common, happening every 10 or 20 years. The UK has experienced heavy floods over the past decade, and the rain fall in June and July of 2007 was 20% higher than ever before recorded. 

Equally, other human-induced factors can play a vital role in the cause of flooding. Deforestation means land where water can run to is being reduced, increasing the risk of flooding and similarly wetlands, which soak up a lot of water, are being drained to make way for developments.

Although it’s impossible to say that climate change is the cause of recent extreme floods, some computer predictions say that we can expect more in the future.

Therefore, adapting our homes to cope with flooding is vital. The importance of flood defences are being highlighted In the UK, as there are many areas and properties which would benefit from using them. Our house graphic shows you the potential areas of water ingress into a property, and the types of flood defence products available to minimise damage. Click here to take a look.

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