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Climate Change, Flooding and UK Wildlife

Climate Change is in the international spotlight at the moment, ahead of the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference taking place in Paris from 30th November where 196 countries will meet to work on a global agreement addressing climate change.

In the UK, a recent poll conducted by the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit has suggested that Britons are slightly more concerned about the impact climate change will have on British wildlife (with 79% of people naming it as a worry), than they are about flooding (with 72% of people mentioning their concern).

Climate Change and British Wildlife

Conservationists have warned that climate change is already having an increasing effect on UK nature, ranging from seabirds to plants, as the temperatures rise.


The RSPB has produced a report showing the impact that warming temperatures in Europe are having on birds, bees and butterflies, as well as plants. Extreme storms and heavy rainfall, which are becoming more frequent, hits species by causing loss of habitat and disruption between predators and prey.

The report notes that warming temperatures are causing species to move north, meaning available habitats are reduced in size.

Climate change is the greatest long term threat to people and wildlife, we are already seeing its impacts, and, alongside other pressures on land and at sea, our wildlife is increasingly at risk

Martin Harper
RSPB’s Director of Conservation

The evidence of the impact of climate change, which ranges from the recent winter flooding in the UK to Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, emphasises the case for international action on climate change, which will be discussed at the conference in Paris.

As flood experts, UKFB recognise the ongoing threat of climate change, and appreciate that steps are being taken to limit the risk, however we believe that the bigger long term picture has to be considered. For more information on UKFB’s passive solutions, click here.

“The nature of climate change: Europe’s wildlife at risk”, the report by the RSPB, can be downloaded here.

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