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Flood Protection: Haltwhistle, Northumberland

A total of 31 Flood Angel® Flood Defender™ Doors were installed for this project


Home Group


The Northumberland market town of Haltwhistle was hit by flash floods in June and July 2012 with residential area, known locally as “The Mart”, particularly badly affected.

In August 2013, floodwaters once again threatened the properties. Historically, flooding has occurred from a neighbouring blocked culvert, but recently this has been exacerbated by surface run-off from streets and fields during periods of excessive rainfall, which have subsequently overwhelmed the local drainage systems.

Northumberland County Council CC and the EA are carrying out further measures in Haltwhistle to reduce the risk of further flooding, but property level protection [PLP] was required for specific houses.

The Home Group owns 21 homes in The Mart and wished to support their tenants by investing in the latest flood mitigations measures to increase the flood resilience of the properties. Having been advised by the Environment Agency to consult the “Blue Book” of system manufacturers and suppliers, they subsequently approached UKFB for advice. Home Group were aware of recent flood mitigation work carried out by UKFB for Northumberland County Council and that we are on the official EA approved list as a manufacturer and installer. It was because of these reasons UKFB were awarded the contract.


The main issue was surface run-off floodwater entering the homes via standard air bricks, through front doors and glazed patio doors and with back-surges from the drainage system. UKFB carried out an extensive survey to each property where a range of Flood Angel® measures were specified. These measures included, Anti-Flood Airbricks, 160mm/110mm Non-Return Valves and a total of 31 Flood Defender™ Doors to both front and rear elevations of each property.

The Home Housing performance brief had stressed that the doors must conform to current standards i.e secure by design, meeting warm home thermal standards, and must be available in a selection of styles and colours to be able to offer the tenants a degree of choice. The Flood Angel® Flood Defender™ Door  adheres to all of these standard requirements, holding three Kitemarks to PAS 1188-1:2009 and is manufactured for use on single, inward and outward opening doors, as well as double outward opening doors.


From my side the initial dealings in terms of exploring options on what passive measures we can provide at this scheme, I found UK Flood Barriers were very supportive throughout in helping to determine the right solution. At the time of the initial contact, UK Flood Barriers were seeking BSI accreditation for a new product that would give us the solution we’re aiming for and it was decided that we would rather wait for this product to be available on the market rather than fit an inferior product.

Graeme Hoggins
Asset Manager at The Home Group

I found the team that carried out the installation were professional and considerate to the needs of the customers. There are some elderly customers that needed reassurance and can become confused easily. The on-site foreman patiently ensured everyone was aware of what was happening on a daily basis. The quality of the product and installation is very good. We carried out some random flood tests on the doors and found that no water managed to breach the doors.

Gary Woolridge
Contracts Manager


Autumn 2013

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