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Flood Protection: St Denys, Southampton


Southampton City Council


October 2013


As part of the (CCATCH), Coastal Communities Adapting to Change project, two homes in St Denys were selected to receive flood mitigation measures as part of a pilot scheme.

Due to the infrequency of floods in the area, residents are less aware of the risks flooding involves. However, it is has been identified that a significant number of residential and commercial properties are at risk of coastal flooding over the next 100 years, making flood protection crucial for properties along the coast line. 

The overall objective of this scheme is to make the community of St Denys aware of the risk of coastal flooding, but also how to manage this risk safely and effectively. To read more about the CCATCH project, click here.


Southampton City Council asked UK Flood Barriers to tender for the project, after deciding our product range was the most appropriate for this scheme. We were awarded the contract to provide flood mitigation, beginning with the two homes identified for the pilot project.

Following initial surveys, a selection of Flood Angel® products were identified as the most appropriate measures to use, including Flood Defender™ Barriers, Anti-Flood Airbricks, 50mm Backwater Valves and sumps and pumps.

As part of the community’s actions to protect homes from flooding, a website was created to provide access to useful information. The installation process was documented by one of the homeowners in this initial pilot scheme and uploaded to the site as an example of a working project and products in situ. Click here to visit the webpage. Following the completion of this pilot scheme, more properties in the area are being offered flood mitigation measures as part of the Pathfinders Project. This scheme has been set up to  encourage property owners in the area to take action against flooding in the future.

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