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Frank Kelly Appears On Sky News

Frank Kelly, CEO of UK Flood Barriers, was invited to talk on Sky News on Monday 7th December, about the recent flooding in the North West of England.

He was asked, can you simply throw money in and make properties safe?

Frank explained that what’s needed is defences that are adaptable to climate change, as nobody knows what volume of rain will fall.  The defences in Cumbria were built to defend to 1 in 100, and Frank stressed the point that they didn’t fail; they were in some instances, but not all, overtopped, but they gave the Environment Agency and other services time to get in and do their job.

Frank also said it’s important that people in flood risk areas are educated as to how they can help themselves, including speaking to organisations such as the Flood Advisory Service, and also that flood defence needs to be certified to British Kitemark Standards (UK Flood Barriers is a certified Flood Professionals contractor).

Finally, Frank notes the importance of innovative, passive, low maintenance flood defence, such as the Self Activating Flood Barrier installed by UKFB in Cockermouth, which was successful in protecting homes along the River Cocker. You can find more information here.

Watch Frank’s Interview in full here:

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