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2012 was reported as one of the wettest years on record with months of rain falling in a matter of hours across much of the UK. Over 800 homes and businesses were damaged following hours of constant heavy rain. Drainage systems were quickly overwhelmed leading to an excess of flood waters with nowhere to escape.

The South of England was noted as one of worst areas affected during 2012 with flooding costing up to £277 million in damages to properties according to the Environment Agency.

A property level protection scheme is underway across the South of England following repeat flooding events to homes and businesses in Cornwall. Heamoor, a small village in Penzance fell victim to flooding in winter 2012.

Residents of Heamoor had flood waters enter into their homes through front doors and airbricks and were affected again months later in March 2013. With the issue not expected to go away, Cornwall Council funded for 30 properties in the village to receive property level protection to manage the risk of future flooding.


UKFB were awarded the contract to survey and install property level protection to 30 at risk properties in Heamoor, Penzance. Flood Angel® solutions were specified including Defender™ Doors, Defender™ Barriers, Anti-Flood Airbricks and Non-Return Valves to mitigate further flooding to the properties. UKFB are now continuing work on phase 2 of the scheme involving other areas in Cornwall affected by previous flooding.

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