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Hepscott Village and Hayden Bridge, Northumberland

Low level window Flood Defender barrier.


GB Building Solutions Ltd on behalf of Northumberland County Council


In April 2005 a burn in Hepscott, near Morpeth broke its banks, leading to frantic efforts by workers from Northumberland County Council to stem the flow of water. In September 2008, the village was affected again by flash flooding and a number of properties were badly flooded.

Northumberland County Council made 13 bids to the Government for funding from The Property Level Flood Protection Grant Scheme, to help homes at high risk of flooding for separate areas in the country. Hepscott and Hayden Bridge were awarded £65,000 by DEFRA to enable a survey to be carried out on the properties at risk and for the installation of the required flood protection systems.

It has been a pleasure to work with Pringle Building Services, who achieved a high standard in all aspects of our delivery model. We handed-over our UK Flood Barriers project to a very happy client ahead of programme with zero accidents and zero defects. This is thanks to the hard work, professionalism and determination of all parties.

Tom Koerner
Hepscott Site Manager GBBS 8/5/2011


The work involved the installation of Flood Angel™ Airbricks, Backflow valves, the bespoke Flood Defender door barrier and the Floodshield barrier to 11 properties in Hepscott and one property in Hayden Bridge.

In total 16 No Flood Angel™ Flood Defender door barriers, 2 No Floodshields, 5 No Backflow valves, 76 No Airbricks were installed by Pringle Building Services under supervision of UK Flood Barriers Ltd to the delight of residents, GB Building Solutions, the main contractor and their client Northumberland County Council.

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