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Idea floated for canal city scheme…


It’s hard to escape the fact that sea levels are rising and land is sinking with the topic of climate change never far away from our televisions or internet.

An article published by BBC Global News earlier this week showcased the consequences of rising sea levels and sinking land to the East Coast of America.

Boston, in particular, has suffered with increased rainfall over the last decade, not forgetting Hurricane Sandy. But, what is more concerning is that scientists have predicted a significant sea level rise; “…there's another problem threatening to overwhelm the city's flood defences - climate scientists are predicting a sea-level rise on the US east coast of up to six feet (2m) by the end of the century.”

The increase in rain and snow to the city will ultimately result in the East coast sinking whilst the West rises. It is because of this, architects have come up with a creative concept of how the East Coast would survive – becoming a city of canals.

Like Venice and Amsterdam, architects and town planners propose to “rethink their relationship with the sea” and create a solution to help combat the inevitable. The canals would run along the streets of the Back Bay, a neighbourhood expected to be under water in the near future: "Currently the Back Bay streets are about four feet above high tide, so if the sea level rises as predicted, they would be under water part time by the end of the century," 

However, this innovative solution comes with its issues. Compared with Venice and Amsterdam , Boston has a tide change of about 8 feet per day and would have to contend with freezing temperatures from the Atlantic Ocean.

Boston's Chief of Environment, Brian Swett commented; "Boston's been around for 400 years and we're going to be around for another 400."

So, is Boston set to become the new Venice?

Read the full article here:

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