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BSI Kitemark

Northumberland - Durham County


ESH Construction


  • Funded by Northumbrian Water
  • Flood protection to 7000 homes
  • 223 Flood Angel® Flood Defender™ Doors
  • Surveys completed to over 300 properties

Northumberland is currently undergoing a large scale property level protection scheme totalling £50m funded by Northumberian Water. Flood mitigation measures are being implemented to 7000 homes across the Durham County following a series of flash flooding incidents.

Severe heavy rain in 2013 caused flooding to thousands of homes across Durham. Hours of relentless rain caused drainage networks simply unable to perform against the constant demand and surface water flooding affected seeped into properties that were unprepared. Shortly afterwards, it was deemed property level protection was necessary to areas that were affected.

ESH Construction, the main contractors in charge of the scheme appointed UK Flood Barriers to tender to survey and install flood mitigation measures. UKFB began working on phase one of the scheme involving 116 properties. Surveys undertaken to the properties identified 223 Flood Angel® Flood Defender™ Doors and 23 Defender™ Barriers were required for installation.

Surveys are currently taking place for phase two of the scheme involving 270 properties.

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