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"The flood defences you installed have had their first major test - and they performed beautifully"

We’ve received some excellent feedback from a customer in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, who had flood mitigation measures installed by us three years ago, and was delighted that the Sump & Pump protected her property from flooding through the cellar. This is what they had to say:


Sump & Pump System

You installed a sump and pump into our cellar (and a custom flood barrier to fit across our back door) around 3 years ago after the cellar flooded twice in one week when the river behind our house rose by 2-3 metres due to heavy rainfall.

This past weekend the river rose again and the flood defences you installed have had their first major test - and they performed beautifully. Thankfully, the river didn't get high enough to put the flood barrier to the test (but it is a huge reassurance being able to put the barrier up and know we are as protected as we can be, should the water levels ever get that high) but the sump and pump did exactly what we wanted it to and prevented the cellar from flooding. Despite water literally pouring into the cellar in several places, the water never got more than an inch high as the sump and pump pumped it all straight back out again. Without the sump and pump in place, the cellar would certainly have been flooded 2-3 feet deep, as it did 3 years ago before we had the flood defences installed. Because we have everything stored on shelving off the ground, absolutely nothing was damaged by the flood water and all that needed to be done once the waters receded was a quick mop and dehumidify.

Could not be more pleased with how the flood defences performed. So reassuring to know that, when the river does rise, we are well protected.

A Johnson
Mirfield, West Workshire

A sump and pump system is part of a holistic package of flood protection measures to a property. The system sits below the ground floor, and pumps out water which enters through the ground. The pump removes water at a faster rate than it can enter, and operates using a float switch for automatic activation.

You can find out more about areas of potential water ingress into a property and the types of products UK Flood Barriers can install to minimise the risk of flood damage here.

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