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Tregorrick, Cornwall

Passive flood defence installed underground; guide posts are visible on both sides to guide the Mini once activated by flood water


Cornwall Council




Tregorrick is a hamlet south of St Austell and was amongst a number of towns and villages severely affected by the flooding which occurred in Cornwall in Autumn 2010, famously noted as ‘the worst flooding in decades’.

The small picturesque village was left scarred by flood levels and some neighbouring areas were victim to up to 6ft of flood waters.

Tregorrick was just one of many towns and villages that comprise the biggest PLP scheme ever undertaken in the UK involving a total number of 157 properties. One of the key features of the scheme was that the Council and the Environment Agency wanted the flood mitigation measures to be passive, (i.e. require no human, mechanical or electrical intervention to operate). This is because of the ‘flashy’ nature of the catchment.  


It was following these devastating effects that Cornwall Council took action and arranged for this scheme to take place. The Council employed consultants, Capita Symonds to survey at risk properties in the region and to specify the measures required. UK Flood Barriers were awarded the project to install flood mitigation measures.

One of the 157 properties affected was a listed building located in Tregorrick. In order to preserve the historic integrity of the building and still provide passive protection, an passive flood defence system was specified as the best flood mitigation measure to install.

Stored underground, the barrier is a passive solution that remains out of sight until required, leaving no aesthetic alterations to the property. Once activated by flood water the barrer will rise to provide a barrier to the property’s entrance.

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