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Preparing For A Flood

Homeowners/Flood Action Groups

It’s easy to assume that you will never be affected by flooding, but 5.2 million properties in England and Wales are at risk, and less than 40% of those are aware of their risk and the impact that flooding could have on their lives.

There are a number of ways you can prepare your home and business for a flood event - it doesn’t just include flood mitigation measures.

Read on for steps you can put into action today…

1.      Know your flood risk!
We have a flood risk checker – click here then enter your postcode to analyse the flood risk in your area. 

2.      Register your details to receive flood warnings
The Environment Agency offers a Floodline warning service. Register your details and you can receive flood warnings in your area by phone, email or text. To register for this service, click here.

3.      Make a flood plan
Preparation is key when flooding is imminent. Making a Flood Plan, which all members of your household are aware of, is essential. You could also work together with your local community to make a wider flood plan.

4.      Prepare a flood kit
It’s equally important to prepare a kit of essentials that may help you in a flood, including items such as copies of your home insurance documents, contact details for your local council, a torch with spare batteries, warm waterproof clothing, blankets, a first aid kits and any required supplies of medication, bottles of water and tinned or dried food.

5.      Flood Protection Products
Solutions to protect your property from flooding are available. UK Flood Barriers offer survey & installation of a range of defence solutions to help protect homes and businesses against all possible points of water ingress. See some of our case studies here. To find out more about the products available, or to book a survey of your home or business, contact us.

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