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The Importance of Sump & Pump Systems

Frank Kelly, CEO of UK Flood Barriers, has today appealed to homeowners not to forget the importance of including a Sump & Pump system as part of a property’s holistic flood defence.

Sump & Pump System

Frank said: “Thousands of homeowners are currently receiving the Government’s Flood Resilience Grant. It’s therefore never been more important for homeowners to understand how they can minimise their risk of flooding by adopting a holistic suite of flood defence products. The incorporation of a Sump & Pump system to pump out flood water that rises up through the floors of a property is vital. Without one, regardless of how effective your other flood defence products are, it is highly likely your property will experience flood damage”.

What is a Sump & Pump system?

A Sump and Pump system removes water at a faster rate than it can enter, and operates using a float switch for automatic activation. The Sump & Pump system is installed externally below the ground floor and pumps out water which enters through the ground.


Sump & Pump System installed externally, below ground floor.

Key Benefits of the Sump & Pump System

  • Passive solution – no human intervention required
  • External installation with easy access via manhole cover
  • Removes water at a faster rate than it can enter

In January 2016, a customer from Mirfield, West Yorkshire, got in touch with us to say how pleased she was with the Sump & Pump system we installed at her property. She said: “the sump and pump did exactly what we wanted it to and prevented the cellar from flooding. Despite water literally pouring into the cellar in several places, the water never got more than an inch high as the sump and pump pumped it all straight back out again. Without the sump and pump in place, the cellar would certainly have been flooded 2-3 feet deep”. You can read her full testimonial by clicking here.

Further information about ground water flooding can be found from the Environment Agency, please click here

UK Flood Barriers always recommend a holistic package of flood defence measures to ensure a property is fully protected. You can book a survey of your property by calling us on 01905 773 282 or completing this online form here.

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