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UKFB Helping Flood Victim Protect Home

Frank Kelly, CEO of UK Flood Barriers, recently took part in a BBC Radio 5 Live panel discussion in York, to consider if we need a complete re-think when it comes to flooding in the UK.

Whilst at the event, Frank met an audience member, Kathleen Simpson from Todmorden, who had been flooded 3 times in 3 and a half years.  The problems began in 2012, when she was initially flooded. The house got repaired and was finished in July 2013, but she flooded again and no longer had insurance. The work on repairing the house started again and she was unfortunately flooded for the third time on Boxing Day 2015, when the house had 4ft of water inside.

At the BBC Radio 5 Live event, Kathleen said she was unsure what to do - she couldn’t face the repair work again, and she is unable to move out because the house is un-insurable. So Frank offered to help Kathleen, and last week UKFB surveyor Richard Carroll went to visit her property to see what measures needed to be put in place.

BBC Radio 5 Live reporter Rowan Bridge came along to follow the story up, and he joined Richard on the survey of Kathleen’s house.

Kathleen’s property is very close to the river, so it’s impossible to stop the water reaching the house in flood situations, but it is possible to put measures in place to minimise the risk of water getting in.

Richard identified that the property had flooded through the doors and windows, so to prevent this in the future, Flood Defender Doors & Flood Defender Barriers for the windows were specified. Additional products to help protect the property holistically include two Anti-Flood Airbricks, a Sump & Pump system, repointing and Waterstop.

The cost of protecting a standard property is in the region of £5,000 - £6,000. There are Household Flood Resilience Grant schemes available via Local Authorities in recently flooded areas, which give homeowners grants of up to £5,000 to protect their properties.

You can listen to the piece on BBC Radio 5 Live here, scroll to time 42:36 for the start of the feature.

Anyone wishing to enquire about flood protection measures can complete this online form, or call on 01905 773 282. Click here to read our step by step guide to getting your property protected. We advise homeowners to contact their local authorities to find out the specifics of the Household Flood Resilience Grant schemes in their area.

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