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Boldon, South Tyneside Council

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The village of Boldon, South Tyneside has suffered the effects of surface water flooding several times in the past, most recently in Winter 2015/16.

South Tyneside Council has explored a range of mitigation measures to minimise the risk of flooding in the area. Alongside work carried out by the Environment Agency to prevent the nearby River Don from flooding, UK Flood Barriers was appointed to survey and install Property Level Protection measures to 8 properties in the badly affected Reay Crescent.


The UK Flood Barriers team surveyed the eight properties in the scheme and suggested the most appropriate measures for each individual property.

Measures installed include Flood Defender Doors, Anti-Flood Airbricks, Backwater Valves, and cable duct entry protection. Brickwork was repointed and treated with Waterstop, a water based repellent. In addition, puddle pumps were supplied to the residents.

We know from previous years that flooding in this area can happen very quickly. It is, therefore, very important, that the measures are permanently in place to protect these homes.

While this type of protection is not appropriate for every place in the Borough, it is a good option for areas like Reay Crescent which have seen localised surface water flooding.

Moira Smith
Lead Member for Area Management and Community Safety, South Tyneside Council


Spring 2017

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