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BSI Kitemark

Homeowners/Flood Action Groups

UK Flood Barriers has successfully surveyed and installed flood mitigation to over 5000 homes comprising almost 100 property level protection schemes in the UK. As the ‘flood experts’, UK Flood Barriers work in partnership with local authorities and the Environment Agency to manage survey through to installation and maintenance always ensuring the needs of the homeowner are considered. 

Our team of flood surveyors has undergone extensive training under the Flood Professionals programme and will only specify the most appropriate solutions to a property.

A typical home will have several points of water ingress, these areas are identified and a range of solutions mitigating the risk are specified.

The types of solutions available can be seen here

UK Flood Barriers only recommend tested products that carry a BSI Kitemark certification.

Flood Action Groups - supporting your local community

Proactive and creative, Flood Action Groups are in evidence right across the country, and UK Flood Barriers always welcomes the opportunity to be actively engaged in working with them - advising, supporting and assisting them to achieve the best flood defence outcomes in their area.

Often set up in response to localised flooding events, Flood Action Groups can help influence how floods are managed in their local area by working with the agencies responsible for flood prevention to achieve reductions to the flood risk.

UK Flood Barriers uses the opportunity to work closely with Flood Action Groups wherever possible. Their local expertise and knowledge about their own flood risk is a vital source of information for the Environment Agency and local authorities and helps UK Flood Barriers to deliver a thorough suite of flood mitigation solutions.

Clients/Environment Agency
Clients/Environment Agency
Homeowners/Flood Action Groups
Homeowners/Flood Action Groups
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bsi kitemark

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Guarantee Protection through GGFI


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