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Commercial Solutions

As leading UK flood experts, both UK Flood Barriers and its sister company UKFB International, are strong advocates of “passive” flood defence where the design of products requires no people and no power to deploy.

The most popular types of solution we currently install to protect commercial properties, communities and infrastructure are self-activating devices and those which require minimal human intervention. These are particularly popular where reliable ‘automatic’ flood mitigation is required in often unmanned and sometimes remote locations.

A ‘typical’ business premises will have several areas of potential water ingress. This graphic shows the range of solutions UK Flood Barriers regularly install to minimise the risk of flood damage.


The success of the SAFB (Self Activating Flood Barrier) can be attributed to its simple yet ingenious approach to flood defence, using the approaching floodwaters to automatically raise the barrier; effectively using the problem to create a solution.

Self Activating Flood Barrier John Lewis Leeds

How it works:

SAFB Resting Position

Resting Position

Following installation and in non-flood conditions, all operational parts of the barrier are concealed in the underground basin.

SAFB Deploying


When floodwater rises to within 10cm (or another predetermined level) below the flood level, the basin housing the floating wall starts to fill up through an inlet pipe from the adjacent service pit.

SAFB Fully Deployed

Fully Deployed

The flood wall floats and rises. When the basin is totally filled, the angled support block will 'lock' the barrier into position making it watertight. The floodwater can now continue to rise without flooding the protected area. 

These Kitemark certified Steel Doors are unique to the marketplace, providing fire, security and flood defence. Once closed and locked they provide ongoing protection from flooding, fire and unauthorised entry. Favoured by the utilities sector in particular, the security doors are being adopted by increasing numbers of design engineers as part of their initial project scoping.


Click here to find out more about Steel Flood Doors.


The anti-flood, anti-theft Roller Shutter Door provides 24hr protection across a wide variety of entrances. The shutter doors can provide a viable, cost-effective solution for a range of different environments including warehouses, port buildings and car parks.

Click here for more information about the Flood Proof Roller Shutter Doors.

Steel Roller Shutters

One Man Operational (OMO) Flood Gates are a popular mitigation solution in both coastal and inland riverside locations. Ease of installation, ease of maintenance and ease of operation together with high strength lightweight construction materials make them a highly versatile option.


Click here for more information about the OMO Flood Gate.


The Anti-Flood airbrick which uses the power of the flood water to close an internal gate device is an obvious passive choice for any commercial property. Requiring only minimal ongoing maintenance, it can be used to replace all standard airbricks across a property, to protect crucial basement facilities.  

Although a number of airbrick protection products exit, our preferred choice is the Flood Angel Anti-Flood Airbrick


Click here for more information about the Anti-Flood Airbrick.

Anti Flood Airbrick

A Non- Return Valve is a simple and effective solution for protecting a property’s sewage system in the event of flooding.  Operating passively, the valve requires no intervention to operate and its normal always open position allows for unrestricted free flowing and rodding.  

Our preferred choice of product is the Flood Angel Non-Return valve as it can used to fit both 160mm & 110mm sewage pipework. 


Click here for more information about the Non-Return Valve. 

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