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BSI Kitemark

Steel Security, Fire & Flood Door

Manufactured in the UK, the Steel Security, Fire and Flood Door holds two Kitemark certifications to PAS 1188-1:2014 and is designed to offer secure protection against flood, fire and unauthorised entry.

This highly versatile and cost effective security rated steel flood door provides the ideal solution for unmanned or remote locations, such as utility sites, where high-security levels are required.

We regularly recommend this high specification steel flood and fire proof security door for both commercial and industrial applications.

Steel Flood Door
Steel Flood Door
Steel Flood Door

At a glance



Kitemark certified to the maximum BSI Kitemark of 900mm; however, it is designed to mitigate against rising flood water to the full height of the door


Security Level 2

Manufactured in line with Security Level (SR) 1 with option to upgrade to SR 2


Bespoke sizes

Manufactured to bespoke widths and heights


Fire rating

Optional fire rating – 4 hours


Escape Hatch

Option for an integral escape hatch above flood level allowing access & egress without compromising flood proof integrity


Glazing & Finishes

Wide variety of glazing options & finishes available above flood level



Full range of RAL colours available


Non-porous finishes

Available in a variety of non-porous textured coastal grade finishes



1 year manufacturer's guarantee


  • Provides 24/7 protection
  • Available in both single and double doors (outward opening)
  • Can be designed and manufactured to a variety of widths and heights
  • Acts as a standard steel door in all other aspects including security, fire and escape
  • Can incorporate glazed or louvre panels (above the specified flood level) as well as fixed or removable overhead steel panels or overhead transom doors
  • Option for an escape hatch in the top section of the door allowing access & egress without compromising flood proof integrity (above specified flood level)
  • Manufactured from 1.5mm galvanised steel, zintec treated to prevent corrosion
  • The Steel Security, Fire & Flood Door comes in a variety of non-porous textured coastal grade finishes. A full range of other colours are available upon request



  • Unique, high-grade seals
  • Door seals are co-extruded with EPDM onto steel, which provides a reinforced seal



  • Tailored maintenance packages are available dependent on usage  
Steel Flood Door

Steel Security, Fire & Flood Door installed at Burton Sub Station

 The Steel Security, Fire & Flood Door is patent protected.



Get in touch to discuss the Steel, Security, Fire & Flood Door with our expert team - call on 01905 773 282 or complete an online enquiry form.

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Guarantee Protection through GGFI


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