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BSI Kitemark

Test Tank & Flood House

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Rigorous Testing

As a leader in our field, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation to address the needs of an ever-changing environment.

Fundamental to this programme of development is our ability to access state of the art testing facilities for both domestic and commercial flood mitigation products - our Worcestershire head office is home to the UK’s first ever privately owned BSI approved Research & Development testing facility. 


Internal facilities

Operated by our sister company, Environmental Enterprises, the specialist ‘tank’ is designed to test a range of flood mitigation products up to a water depth of one metre. It also has ‘wave simulation’ capability creating water speeds in excess of 1.5m/s.

The Test Tank features a Self Activating Flood Barrier (SAFB), an industrial Flood Gate and the Flood House.

The Flood House allows visitors to experience flood conditions from inside the house, which is protected with Flood Defender Doors, Anti-Flood Airbricks, a Non-Return Valve and Sump & Pump system.

Watch the Flood House Video here: 

Watch the Self Activating Flood Barrier Video here:

UKFB Test Tank Facility - Flood Door Testing

Door Testing in the Tank Facility

Self Activating Flood Barrier in UKFB Test Tank

Self Activating Flood Barrier in the Test Tank Facility

UKFB Flood House

Specialist testing

When projects dictate, our engineers work with specialist external organisations to implement rigorous testing programmes.

Working with French energy company EDF, we implemented testing of our SAFB to demonstrate effectiveness in post-earthquake flood conditions. 

Testing was undertaken at Bristol University’s Earthquake Engineering Research Centre where a 15 tonne, Six Axis Earthquake simulator was utilised to test functionality following S1 & S2 category quake.

Results showed the SAFB was essentially rigid at frequencies within normal seismic test range of 0-35Hz.

Testing was witnessed by representatives of EDF and University of Bristol. 



The Test Tank facility is available to use by flood mitigation manufacturers to test their products to BSI Kitemark standards.

The Test Tank & Flood House is also open to visits from industry stakeholders, homeowners, community flood groups and the media. Anyone interested in visiting should give us a call on 01905 773 282 to discuss. 

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