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Timber Flood Gate

The Timber Flood Gate is ideal for driveways or entrances to properties where easy access is essential. The Gate is able to be closed swiftly and securely in the event of an imminent flood, while acting as a standard gate on a day to day basis.

Timber Flood Gate

At a glance


Bespoke Sizes

Manufactured to bespoke widths and heights


One Man Operational

Can easily be opened and closed by one person


Minimal Maintenance

Has minimal maintenance for many years


Push Fit Seals

Unique, high quality push fit seals


  • Passive, long-term solution
  • Low maintenance
  • Can be designed and manufactured for use on both single and double leaf
  • Each gate is made bespoke to a variety of widths and heights
  • Choice of wood type to best match surroundings
  • Option for personalised design of Gate look and shape
  • Easy to open and close by one person
  • Option for cast in or retro fit install


  • Driveways
  • Property entrances
  • Side gate entrances
  • Vehicle entrances



  • The Timber Flood Gate has a small threshold which is required in order to create the seal
  • Concrete curb - this is mostly used when vehicles will be crossing the threshold regularly. The concrete allows for a longer lasting curb stone
  • Wooden Curb - this is used predominantly when it is pedestrian traffic over the threshold



  • The EPDM seals have excellent resistance to water absorption, ozone and UV ageing
  • Push fit seals, making them easy to replace if necessary.


  • J Bolts are used to lock the Gate into the floor to provide a strong fix.
  • There is an option of adding extensions to the tops of the J bolts which allow the gate to be easily opened from either side. 


Get in touch to discuss the Timber Flood Gate with our expert team - call on 01905 773 282 or complete an online enquiry form.

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